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Game of Thrones and Pokemon Go feel like worlds apart, but if the Starks, Targaryens, or Lannisters played, what would their playstyle be?

In the popular mobile gamePokemon Go, there are a couple different playstyles that dominate the majority of players. Typically, players are of the attacking style, stalling style, balanced style, hunting style, or training style. They're all pretty self-explanatory, but they will also be exploreda bit more here.

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So, ifeach of the main characters fromGame of Throneslived in a world that contained Pokemon Go,what would their playstyle be? Obviously, someThrones characters wouldhave obvious styles, but in Westeros, everyone has a different strategy. Now, if only the world could see how they'd act with a Pokeball.

Jon Snow would definitely be a balanced player. Balanced players in Pokemon Go never teeter too far into working on the offensive or on the defensive. They understand the benefit of both sides working in harmony.

Jon Snow was a capable fighter, but he never went on the attack unless he had to. He preferred to negotiate and broker peace with opposing parties. He'd be a balanced player in Pokemon Go, for sure.

For the majority ofGame of Thrones' run, Daenerys Targaryen spent her time removed from the dueling factions of Westeros and instead developed her own team and strategy.

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She freed the Unsullied, rallied the Dothraki, became the mother of dragons, and more. Daenerys thoroughly prepared for her reclamation of the throne in Westeros and spent the majority of her time on the show training. In Pokemon Go, she'd employ a similar interest in practice.

Tyrion Lannister would later become a crucial ally on Daenerys' side, but his playstyle would definitely differ from Dany's. She preferred to train, but Tyrion was much more of a "staller" type, because that's how he had to be his entire life.

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In Pokemon Go, stalling is when a player focuses on deteriorating the stamina of others. Succinctly, stalling playstyles allow players to take things slow and plan their strategies more soundly. Tyrion is the type who lets others defeat themselves. He'd definitely embrace stalling.

Stalling is not a playstyle that runs in the Lannister family, however. Cersei, Tyrion's sister, would be much more aligned with the attacking side of Pokemon Go. In that game, attacking is a playstyle that sees players mostly on the offensive.

This was always Cersei. Yes, she would occasionally bide her time, but she was always moving chess pieces. And when she had the ability to strike an attack, she didn't hesitate for a second.

The third of the primary Lannister siblings, Jaime, also differs from his brother and his sister. If he played Pokemon Go, he'd be more of the strategy of hunting than of stalling or attacking. In the game, hunting is a more relaxed playstyle that revolves mostly around the individual's growth than around the duels and battles.

Yes, Jaime could spend time on the offensive side of things. But for the most part, he only struck to kill if he absolutely had to. Otherwise, he took a more methodical approach to his role in Westeros and carefully thought out the majority of his actions, usingcunning intuition over brute strength by the end.

Obviously, Arya Stark would embody a similar Pokemon Go strategy to Daenerys. Arya's entire character arc is built around training to become one of the top fighters in all of Westeros!

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By the end ofGame of Thrones, Arya is impressively skilled and dangerous. It's because she devoted her youth to training and getting better at her craft. She'd love to spend the majority of her time in Pokemon Go training her little creatures.

Like her brother Jon, Sansa Stark would employ a balanced playstyle if she had access to the Pokemon Go app. All of the playstyles in the game are rolled into one for the character of Sansa.

She grows a keen awareness of her surroundings for hunting. She trains to become a solid liar to those who wish her harm. She's an expert at stalling her enemies from nefarious behavior. And when she has to, Sansa can go on the offensive. Sansa is balanced because every Pokemon Go playstyle lives within her.

Like his sister Arya, Bran spends the majority of the series growing and training to become the best version of himself/Three-Eyed Raven. He spends his character arc training his mind to learn about the history and future of his world.

Bran is clearly a patient character who would probably have a great time training in Pokemon Go. Granted, it might make him a bit creepy and vague, but not everyone trains to become an assassin.

Brienne of Tarth would definitely embrace the hunting playstyle in Pokemon Go. She is extremely loyal and often has mettle tested by being sent out on expeditions to retrieve loved ones or transport prisoners.

Because of this, her observational intelligence and strong tracking abilities make her an obvious hunter in Pokemon Go. She would love nothing more than wandering around Winterfell and searching for Pokemon.

Lastly, Sandor "The Hound" Clegane would absolutely embrace the playstyle of attacking in Pokemon Go. He's a ruthless, blood-thirsty fighter who only possesses a soft spot for very few characters.

His first instinct is always to fight and attack others around him. For The Hound, Pokemon Go would be all about the battles. Fortunately,Game of Thrones, as a whole, was more balanced than this.

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