Babe Laufenberg says Mike McCarthy will face a unique challenge with the Cowboys that he didnt in Green Bay – The Dallas Morning News

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Dallas Cowboys radio color analyst and former NFL quarterback Babe Laufenberg joinedthe Shan and RJ Show on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM]to talk about the upcoming football season and more. Here are some of the highlights.

How different will the Cowboys' offense look under Mike McCarthy?

Laufenberg: "I think until we get out there and play three or four games, I think its going to look similar to what weve seen. Obviously, there are going to be some wrinkles, theres going to be some new things. They kind of kept the offense and Kellen Moores still your play caller. So its not going to be a total overhaul. I think the defense will see different things than weve seen in the past.

Heres whats interesting to me though with McCarthy and let me just say right off the bat, I thought that was a really good hire. I thought that was as good a hire as they could make. Dak [Prescott] versus [Jared] Goff, which quarterback are you taking? ... Mike McCarthy has never taken the field without having the better quarterback. He had Brett Favre for two years and then he had Aaron Rodgers. Every time he walked out of that tunnel, and the first time he was like boy, Ive got number four, that guys pretty damn good.' And for the last seven-eight years, he walked out and said boy, Ive got number 12, hes better than their guy. Thats not going to happen week in and week out. Thats not an indictment on Dak, I love Dak. Hes darn good, but you dont have that situation where you say man, Ive got the better quarterback. ... When you walk out and say Ive got the better quarterback, you know youve got a chance.

Now, when McCarthy did not have Favre or Rodgers as his quarterback, they were 6-11 with guys not named Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers. Its a huge difference. Again, hes got a good one in Dak, so dont misunderstand that.

Whats the biggest matchup concern vs. the Rams for the Cowboys: Their offensive line vs. the Rams' defensive line or their corners vs. the Rams' receivers?

Laufenberg: Certainly, the passing game is going to test you, unless you can put some pressure on Goff and well see how that works. Theyre passing game is going to test you and Im a big Sean McVay fan... Certainly, the Cowboys' secondary is, Id say, a question mark. I mean, Trevon Diggs looked really good in training camp of what we were able to see of him. Hes never even played a preseason game. So its going to all be different when he gets out there on Sunday. Now, I think the one beauty that he has is, well number one, hes probably covered his brother in summer drills, but number two, he went up against [Michael] Gallup and CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper in practice every day... Hes going to see things, obviously, as a rookie that hes never seen before. So its going to be an interesting chess match."

On Fox Sports anchor Skip Bayless' comments about Dak Prescott...

Laufenberg: I think for any man to sit there and tell another how theyre supposed to feel, thats just inherently wrong. Again, it was very disheartening.

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Babe Laufenberg says Mike McCarthy will face a unique challenge with the Cowboys that he didnt in Green Bay - The Dallas Morning News

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