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In the first match of theJunior Speed Chess ChampionshipGM Nihal Sarin (India) defeated GM Andrew Tang (USA) 16-8. Tang had entered the tournament by winning the eight-player Knockout Qualifier tournament on Wednesday.

A full report on the Nihal-Tang match will be posted soon.

The qualifier was a knockout tournament with, alongsideTang, GMs Kirill Shevchenko (Ukraine), Nikolas Theodorou (Greece), Bogdan-Daniel Deac (Romania), Thai Dai Van Nguyen (Czech Republic), Luca Moroni (Italy), Carlos Albornoz (Cuba), and Jonas Bjerre (Denmark).

The live broadcast of the tournament.

The format in the quarterfinals and semifinals was two 5+1 games, four 3+1 games, and eight 1+1 games. The final was a bit longer: three 5+1 games, five 3+1 games, and 10 1+1 games. The total prize fund was $2,500.

Tang's first opponent was Bjerre, who put up an excellent fight and even briefly took the lead when his opponent blundered into a mating attack.

One more less from Tang needs to be included here as Bjerre conducted a model attack in one of the bullet games as he was praised by commentators GM Robert Hess and GM Daniel Naroditsky.

However, Tang is an absolute bullet specialist and he won this part 6-2 and convincingly reached the semifinals after all with an 8.5-5.5 score.In this round, Shevchenko beat Albornoz 11-3 and Theodorou beat Moroni 7.5-6.5.

Interestingly, Nguyen beat Deac 8-6 by winning the first eight in a row (including two bullet games) and then losing the last six!

In the semis, Tang beat Nguyen 8-6 in a close match that was still equal three games before the end.Shevchenko was too strong for Theodorou (7.5-5.5) but the latter did find a beautiful checkmate in one of the games.

Unexpectedly, the final was almost a walk-over for Tang, who perhaps needed some time to fully warm up? In any case, he won 10-3 and confirmed his favorite status.

The following rook endgame was actually one of the three-minute games, but showed the speed at which Tang finds the critical moves.

As the qualifier, Tang is paired against the top seed of the Junior Speed Chess Championship: Indian GM Nihal. Here's the full program for the round of 16:

Knockout Qualifier | All games

The 2020 Junior Speed Chess Championships sponsored by ChessKid is a 16-player knockout tournament among the top junior players in the world. In this second edition, there's a total prize fund of $25,000 on the line. Find all information here.

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Nihal Beats Tang In Junior Speed Chess Championship -

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