Study: Asset managers’ websites need to be more ‘Harry Potter’ – Wealth Professional

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Given the magnitude of the pandemic crisis, the analysis found that 30% of firms did not mention COVID-19 on their website, leaving investors wondering about the impact of the crisis on their investments.

Earlier this year, JD Power reported that Canadian investment firms risk losing clients by providing inadequate websites.

Manulife Investment Management was one of the worst performers in the new VisibleThread study, ranking 58th out of 60 ahead of Nomura Asset Management and Wellington Management.

Manulife has reached out to WP with background information into the specific site that was used in the analysis:

Communicating clearly and consistently with our clients and stakeholders is a top priority. We continuously make improvements to our online experience based on testing and learning from audience behavior, Brooke Tucker-Reid, director, global communications, told us. The website is made available for institutional investors, accessible only after an attestation noting this important nuance. The website contains thought leadership and product information relevant for institutional investors, and currently has over one million page views from nearly 700,000 visitors.

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Study: Asset managers' websites need to be more 'Harry Potter' - Wealth Professional

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