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8/30/2020 Many users have comfortable one could almost say huge computer screens. So it is not surprising that texts in our databases and also those of ChessBase Magazine look almost ridiculously small. But that does not have to be the case! Solution: in the latest versions there is a zoom function which becomes available after you update your software online!

Navigating the Ruy Lopez Vol.1-3

The Ruy Lopez is one of the oldest openings which continues to enjoy high popularity from club level to the absolute world top. In this video series, American super GM Fabiano Caruana, talking to IM Oliver Reeh, presents a complete repertoire for White.


We received several customer inquiries on this topic, so here is a very brief explanation on how easy it is to bring the texts to a comfortable readable size.

That looks too small!

An old-style solution

Zoomed in!Got it!

To solve the problem it is not necessary to tinker with the screen resolution. In all current versions of our programs there is a built-in zoom function after the latest online updates.

ChessBase Magazine 197

Specials: Anish Giri presents his best games with the Italian + Palma de Mallorca 1970 - an extensive retrospect. Analyses from Biel 2020 by Wojtaszek, Harikrishna, Adams, Keymer et al. Videos by Marin, King and Ris. 11 opening articles and much more!

Here you can set the resolution. 100 means 100% sharp and large

You can change the resolution either by tapping in the field or by using the arrow keys (+ to increase the resolution or - to decrease the resolution).

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And it went zoom! - Chessbase News

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