The TD Show Episode 16 – Special Episode for Club and Local TDs –


This week's The TD Show will be a special episode aimed at Club and Local TDs and will air at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific on Thursday, August 13 on the US Chess Twitch channel at

The show will be hosted by NTD Chris Bird and this week's special guest is NTD Jon Shacter. Over the past few months we have highlighted nine problem areas that TDs consistently get wrong when taking the Club and Local TD exams. We'll quickly do a review of these problem areas and explain why we think the TDs are not finding the right answers. Obviously we cannot discuss the actual test questions and answers but the hope is a general discussion of these areas will help rectify any issues TDs are having in understanding these areas.

For folks tuning in live, Twitch will provide some interaction between the show and the audience, allowing you to ask questions in real-time and well also include some light-hearted fun in the form of trivia based on the topics discussed. However, if you cannot tune in live, each episode will be archived in the TD Videos playlist at the US Chess YouTube Channel.

Replay last week's episode here:

See more here:

The TD Show Episode 16 - Special Episode for Club and Local TDs -

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